Hey guys, Miss Guilty speaking here.

First of all, I want to start with saying that I miss all of you so much it’s ridiculous. I have no idea why this RPG fell, but I assume it was because of all the real life drama we all had. Alex and I had been planning on making another Bending Academy roleplay group in modern setting, and we had started building it, with new face claims and an actual, proper plot but we somehow changed our idea and the plot went in another way. It’s mostly my fault. I apologize.

If anyone wishes to continue this roleplay, I am willing to make you as an admin, but I do believe that it has lost it’s charm. But if you want to join the new roleplay group Alex and I have just recently opened, it’s right over here— an Academy, but for assassins this time.

I am so sorry that I, myself, have failed you guys in this amazing journey, and I hope you all can forgive me. Message me here if you want to continue this roleplay, and we’re hoping to see you in our new roleplay group with us.

Thanks for reading.

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i’d sell my fucking soul to have an aroh

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"He’s playing with you, June, he was always playing with you-” he keeps arguing. He keeps arguing and arguing and she tries to fight him but after all that happened, how can she not believe him?

"And what do you expect me to do, huh? You expect me to throw all the memories away? Expect me to forget all the nights we spent together, expect me to forget him?” she’s almost shouting now- of course she is. A ball of pure rage, he used to call her, anger and confusion rolled in one.

"Like he did." he sighs, "What do you think he’s been thinking about? You? So he’s been drooling over one of his one night stands? June, he doesn’t care-“

"You do. Why do you care if your precious best friend doesn’t? What- you want me to believe you, now? Huh? After all the things you’ve pointed out in respect? He’s been messing with me, and what are you doing? Because from all I remember, Zhao, we haven’t talked in -huh, let me think- ages? And now you care? Why the hell-“

"Have you ever considered the fact that I might be head over heels in love with you?" he shouts, and June leans against the wall behind her. "So, sure, Aroh’s all pretty and charming and oh right, fucked you- but have you ever considered that?”

She hadn’t. Not until now, anyway.

She smiled when she saw her own reflection, cheek deeply cut and hair burnt. She only had about two minutes before being needed out on the field and this hideout wasn’t going to stay secret for much longer. June took one last glance at herself in the mirror. This is the last time, Ozai.
Before she could take so much as two steps towards the door, someone came through and by instinct, her flames almost burned him to the wall. But she saw the stupid bowtie and got a grip of herself. War was turning her way too suspicious. “June”, he coughed, holding his chest with one hand and clutching like it was a matter of life and death. “Don’t go out there, please.” She stared at him in disbelief, but her expression softened when she suggested why he would be here. He was looking for Phoebe. “That’s why I’m here. To die, remember?” the girl passed by him, turning to him for what they both didn’t know would be the last time, and said, “It’s okay, Yaka. I’ve been dead for quite a while already.”

from past to present | mai + june


“One of them tried to kill me.” Mai waved it off with her hand, remembering the day with a grimace. “I don’t know how he met girls like that, but with each one I got more and more angry and….. I stopped being close to the house for a really long time. Then he started talking about this firebending student, a descendant of Firelord Zuko, and how she was angry all the time and always wanted to hang out with him and Master Yaka. I had no idea it was you until I came here.”

The earthbender smiled, closing her eyes and enjoying her thoughts for a still moment. “People keep saying that, but I don’t get it. I don’t think it’s possible. The whole me being his spark or the reason the can firebend, or whatever, it’s ridiculous. Nothing can be that strong, right?” she gave June a questionable look, but the firebender was being serious.

And as moments after, she stood in a dragon form, Mai couldn’t help but catch herself wanting to touch the scales. She wondered if the skin was hot or if it felt like burning when her friend transformed. It was one of the most beautiful things she’d ever seen in her life. “How…” her speech trembled, “You’re not possible.”

"Kill you? Darling, there are way too many things that are worse than death." June listened carefully and tried not to blush- though, it was kind of impossible. Four years? He’d known her for four years? All this time she’d thought that she was invisible for him- that she’d fade away. But, seriously, four years?"

"Mai, as much as I hate to say it, I think what you have there- that’s special. That’s- your story is the story that the little girls want to read- it’s like a fairy tale.  Only, instead of you being some pussy, you’re the badass chick that everyone wants, and wants to be."

"Of course I’m not possible. I’m way too cool for that." June laughed and shrugged, leaning against the tree again. "Anyway. No one hears about this. You’re the first, probably the last until the war starts. And no, you can’t ride me." June smirked, licking her lips. "Hm. Truth. Ever had anyone else who was special in your life before Bushi, and me, of course."

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from past to present | mai + june


“If he didn’t care, you’d be fucking right now. He was like that before. A few girlfriends who were batshit crazy, like bloodbenders and jail birds. Then he started teaching here and he was happy. His last one night stand was four years ago, when you enrolled here, I guess. I don’t know if I should find that sweet or creepy.” She grimaced.

“Bushi was… an idiot. Plainly spoken, a completely oblivious idiot. It’s not like that’s changed, but… when we first met, he was this all-mighty Avatar in the body of a fourteen year old kid who couldn’t firebend. You can’t imagine the jokes I came up with in those days. I never said any of them out loud, of course. Bushi actually talked to me. Understood my sense of humour. I don’t know what the hell clicked in him, but he shares what I’m feeling. Remember the day he started bragging about getting his firebending? That was the day he kissed me for the first time.” Idiot. “I fell in love like you fall asleep, slowly, then all at once.” a sigh escaped her.

“It’s my turn, I guess… erm,” her brows furrowed. “Well, I’ve always wanted to see a real life dragon..” she looked up June with her best puppy eyes, grin on her face and enthusiasm pumping through her.

Bloodbenders?” June laughed, “And I though I was crazy. Gods.” as she listened to Mai’s words, back leaned against the tree that faced her, June chuckled lightly. Aroh never really seemed like he cared that much- for him June always felt like the schoolgirl that would fade away after graduation. Though, hearing Mai’s words made her think about every moment they had together, and June wanted to cry- oh she did, but she wouldn’t let herself. She wasn’t weak. “That’s- well, that’s- four years?”

June listened to Mai’s words carefully- love wasn’t really a word that she was familiar with, but well, before Bushi, neither was Mai. “He needed a spark in his life. He needed something- something different. You know I trained him, for a year, right? And I fucked up, of course, I wasn’t the spark. Sure, he could make a flame or two- that was new, but until you came, he was useless. He was just- he needed you. Still needs you, probably.”

June stood up with a sigh, and ran a hand through her auburn hair. “You know, I never did this in front of, well, anyone, only a couple of times when I was- uh- at home, there’s this abandoned beach nearby, no one really goes there except some weirdos and shit. And don’t laugh.” she closed her eyes and tried to concentrate- there he was, the dragon- always there when she stopped listening others. She gave control to him and opened her eyes only for a short moment, “Close your eyes,” she shouted at Mai, and then, there was- well, light.

And June stood there with her crimson wings open, her skin burning under the sunlight- her eyes still as green as they were. Big eyes, really, always making hr look like she was questioning everyone’s existence- and her skin was spotless, pure red, and she groaned lightly as a small flame of color left her mouth.

And in less than five minutes, she was forced to become June again- never really took control of her turns. She hoped that Mai had closed her eyes- didn’t really want to blind her.

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The Chain - Ingrid Michaelson

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from past to present | mai + june


“I really… love Bushi.” Mai could almost taste the tears in the back of her eyes. Beifongs don’t cry, she kep telling herself. Beifongs don’t cry. But for a moment, she really wished she wasn’t a Beifong. So that she could cry and not feel weak. She hated crying. It hurt. “And I hate that I do. You were right all that while ago, loving just pains you. But he’s… he’s Bushi, you know? That stupid Avatar idiot…” No, she wasn’t going to break down. Not again. Not like this. Not ever.

“I’m not easy. If I was easy, my virginity would be gone a few hundred times by now. But I’m not an idiot, Ozai.” Mai lifted her head and looked at June straight in the eye. “And neither is my brother. He never doesn’t have an extra condom. At least as far as I know, that never stopped him before. See, you might not see it as a big deal, being a virgin, but he sees it as a way of taking advantage of you. And we both know that’s not the kind f person he is. It’s not something he’d ever do. Don’t regret that it didn’t happen. Trust me, it means a lot more to both of you that it didn’t.” She let herself find comfort between June’s chin and shoulder again. “Your turn.”

"Never really thought that he actually cares about me." June chuckled, wiping the tears off her eyes. She never cried, really, even when her grandparents died- only a few tears that dared to escape. "He’s your average ladykiller- good looking, sarcastic, probably a goddamn great fuck. Sure, fell in love with a girl or two- the ones who are as sarcastic, intelligent, crazy as him- but I’m not one of them. He’s just- I don’t know- he’s broken, you know. I guess. But I’m worse than him. I’m making a big fuss here, really, but he probably doesn’t even care. I’m just the girl that steals his cigarettes and stays with him at night.”

"So. Truth." June frowned, thinking of questions that would hit Mai right in the gut- hmm. "How did you fall in love with Bushi? Like, love at first sight crap or just, you know, I-hated-you-first-but-then-fell-in-love-with-your-stupid-ass stuff?"

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It’s raining!


-sighs- Oh… I know from many unfortunate experiences that it’s hard to force Aroh to do anything. not to mention he’s been acting super weird lately… But I can try.


Well, let’s not get you bored with your brother. But, could you please let him know that I loathe him?

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from past to present | mai + june


Mai smirked, her right hand putting a loosened lock of brown hair behind her ear. “I love Atesh and you know I’d always be there for him. I don’t know what it is about those kids, they’re just… worth it, I suppose.” the girl’s shoulder bumped into June’s unwillingly, and for the time she didn’t cringe or pull away. And even though the firebender was extremely warm, Mai couldn’t take herself back. Everyone deserves a friendly shoulder, even if given by a completely cliched accident.

“I miss him too, you know? Every time I try to talk to him, he looks at me like a lost puppy and says how proud he is, it’s gotten to the point where I’m sick of being around him. Because it’s like he doesn’t know how to treat us anymore. We’re not dead yet. And it’s as if he’s …..” her voice cracked slightly, “saying goodbye. And Bushi didn’t fuck anyone up. If anything, I think I made him worse. I don’t get why he still stays with me, everything I do just fuels more failiure lately.”

The earthbender’s head now fell in the crook of her friend’s neck and she sighed in irritance. “We’re the fucking wild ones, Ozai. If there’s anyone our families can trust, it’s us. It’s why we didn’t kill each other off when we first found out, right? Because if we did, we wouldn’t fix anything. We stayed for the right reasons.”

“Even if you do kiss her, you still have me to go through and you’re not getting there.” Mai closed her eyes. There was silence as she thought of how to respond. “I know this is me digging my own grave, at least in your head, but, I dare you to tell me about how you almost fucked my brother. I’m gonna regret this, but I’ve gotta have some cheats for the future.”

"That’s what Yaka’s like," June smiled sadly, "He’s- uh- and Phoebe- they’re all so sad all the time, it’s really, really depressing. I ask for tea and he just tells me how much he loves me and cares about me and he tells me that he’s proud and sorry and Phoebe keeps repeating the same things and I’m so sick of it- I’m still alive, I’m breathing, and I’m living. It’s like they’re standing next to my grave, or something. It’s just-” June sighed, looking at her hands, “Aroh, he loves you. Both of you. I know he does. Never told you guys, but he used to say these things, mumble them, really, he doesn’t- I don’t think that he knows what to do without you two. You’re his life. You’re the reason he breathes. I know how it feels. You know how it feels when you’re the older sibling- it’s your job, your only reason to live, to protect your little sister, brother. It’s everything.”

"And we’re the ones that our family would get rid of," she smiled, "We’re the ones that are extra, that disorganize the family, that are the black sheep. But we do anything, everything to protect them. We’re wild, sure, but we’re their only protection. My dad- he’s just, so old. He’s so sad and old and he smiles with Tesh only. I’m a disappointment, really, but Tesh’s full of life and he’s everything, to him. It’s just- I’d give everything, to them, for them."

"Ah, you’re easy." June smirked but didn’t push hard- and bit her lip at her question. "It was before I fell. Actually-" counting days with her fingers, June frowned, "It was the exact night before I fell. I had left my jacket, a few nights ago, I guess, and he remembered right before I was leaving and we got in his room. Our first kiss, I suppose. Huh. I remember lots of candles and him not having an extra condom and me leaving with his shirt on. And I was smelling like him, too, cigarettes and expensive cologne. Huh. Lots of kisses, I guess. Good night. The last time we really saw each other."

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