letters from the sky ; a june/aroh fanmix

001. civil twilight - letters from the sky (one day soon i’ll hold you like the sun holds the moon / and we will hear those planes over here / and we won’t have to be scared / ’cause we won’t have to be scared / we won’t have to be, yeah, scared, no)

002. young heretics - the lost loves (who’s counting up the nights / where love got pushed aside / oh the lovers loose the daylight / when there is nowhere safe to hide)

003. florence and the machine - falling(i've fallen out of favour / and i’ve fallen from grace / fallen out of trees / and i’ve fallen on my face / fallen out of taxis / out of windows too / fell in your opinion / when i fell in love with you)

004. paramore - decode by the vitamin string quartet (instrumental)

005keane - somewhere only we know(i came across a fallen tree / i felt the branches of it looking at me / is this the place we used to love? / is this the place that i’ve been dreaming of?)

006. lena del rey - born to die (come on take a walk on the wild side / let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain / you like your girls insane / choose your last words, this is the last time / cause you and i, we were born to die)

007. maroon 5 - one more night sticky k remix (try to tell you “no” but my body keeps on telling you “yes” / try to tell you to “stop”, but your lipstick got me so out of breath / i’ll be waking up in the morning, probably hating myself / and i’ll be waking up, feeling satisfied but guilty as hell)

008. mirah - the garden (oh oh i really wanted that thing / i just want to sing / i love you baby / won’t you bring / all the flowers you / find out in the garden / don’t tell me the truth / that your heart has hardened)

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